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Making Content Accessible
to Sign Language Users

Digital Sign Language Avatars

Meet our digital sign language avatars

Our many hyper-realistic sign language avatars (digital humans), are responsible for translating a variety of media content such as Video, Audio, or Text into a signed language. 

Allan, Ami and Saber are some of our many digital humans. Their high fidelity faces and emotional expressions give them the ability to be fully expressive and engaging - easily connecting with the audience. 

They can preside at the bottom of any screen or on any device, interpreting any content into a signed language.

Making emergency messages accessible in Sign Languages in no time

Our technology can provide sign language access to emergency messages through API calls. 

Our cutting edge animating blending technology can provide accurate Sign Language translation in no time. 


The video shown is a demonstration of this technology, where our signing avatar Vasilisa is providing crucial information regarding New Zealand's COVID-19 lockdowns in NZSL. 

How does our technology work?

Accessible solutions are at the core of all that we do here at Kara. One of our main goals is finding smarter ways of using technology that will help build a better future for everyone, in all areas of life. We have done this in two parts, read below to find out more. 

Motion capture

We utilize the state-of-the-art motion capture hardware to accurately capture the movements and motions of a skilled Deaf signer. Our technology development in this space has allowed us to significantly push the boundaries of what is possible for sign language avatars. We have developed a dedicated pipeline to ensure that the smallest nuances of hand gestures and facial expressions are captured on a digital human.

The end-product? Anyone of our digital sign language avatars appearing on any video device and being watched with ease.  

What is our goal?

To enable 24/7 digital availability of sign language access for scenarios such as emergency messaging, we use a set of pre-recorded motion captured animations. This is worked on by a team of Deaf people with animators to ensure all cultural aspects are being met and respected. 
By having pre-recorded content, it is the first step in removing barriers and gaps in communication areas for the Deaf community. This will improve accessibility and increase awareness.

Our Technology

Our Team

Arash Tayebi

Arash Tayebi

Co-Founder, CEO

Richard Falla

Richard Falla

Senior Animator

Sahar Izadi

Sahar Izadi

Co-Founder, COO

Grace Covey

Grace Covey

Sign Language Expert | Comms Manager

Farmehr Farhour

Farmehr Farhour

Co-Founder, CTO

Helen Robinson, ONZM

Helen Robinson, ONZM

Director, Chair of BOD | ex Managing Director, Microsoft NZ

Ken Erskine

Ken Erskine

Co-Founder, CMO

Jamie Newth

Jamie Newth


Our Team


University of Auckland
H3 World TV
Edmund Hillary Fellowship
RE News, Redbull
The Spinoff
Maori TV
Awards & Mentions

Awards & Programs

Velocity 100K Challenge
Social Enterprise Winner


NZSL FunD Recipient 
2019 - 2020

Epic Games Unreal Dev Grant Recipient


TIN Award Logo.png

TIN NZX Early Stage Company Award Winner



Edmund Hillary Fellowship
Cohort 4, 


Epic MegaGrants Recipient


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